frequently asked questions

Family Sessions:

Q: What should I wear for my family session?
A: You should be comfortable and feel good in whatever you decide on. Some of my clients choose to dress up a little, some put on an outfit that they would wear on any regular day. It's really up to you. My advice is to wear something that exemplifies each person's individuality. If you need some inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest page, where I have some Men, Women and Kids fashion inspiration boards.

Q: How do I prepare my family for our shoot?
A: It's best to have your outfit(s) picked out beforehand, so you don't have to use precious shooting time trying to decide. If we are shooting in your home, don't feel as if you need to make it look perfect. I personally love when there are messes in a house, it shows what real life is like! And don't forget, my focus is on your family. The surroundings simply help tell your story.

Q: What should we do during our shoot?
A: It's best to have an activity planned, whether that's playing with your child, doing a craft, preparing a meal, building sand castles on the beach, going for a walk around the neighborhood, etc. I will be a fly on the wall; my aim is to capture the pure, organic emotion between your family members. The point is to have fun, let me worry about the rest!

Any Type of Photo Session:

Q: Should I put a shot list together for you?
A: Hopefully you have hired me because you love my photographic style, so all you have to worry about is being yourself and having fun during our shoot! If you have some ideas, by all means, please share with me! 

Q: How do I choose a shoot location?
A: I love photographing families in their bright homes, using the natural sun light that pours in. Shooting in your home also really gives a sense of your family's personality and how you live your life. We can also shoot in your backyard, at a park, on the beach, on a hike, etc. If you have an eclectic shoot location in mind, just let me know and we can try to accommodate. One of my favorite things to do as a family and portrait photographer is meet my clients in a charming neighborhood and go for a walk-- the scenery changes every few feet, especially in a town like LA.

Q: What if the weather is bad on our shoot day?
A: If it's a cloudy day, we will still shoot. Clouds actually make for great indirect lighting! If it's raining on our shoot day, and our location is outside, we will most likely have to re-schedule. If our location is indoors and it's raining, we will most likely continue as scheduled.

Q: What is included in my photo package?
A: A lifestyle family session includes the 2-hour session and all of the best edited images in digital high resolution format. Portrait sessions typically last about 1 hour, but vary depending on your needs. Let's chat!

Q: When can we expect to see our photos?
A: Typically about 2 to 3 weeks.

Q: Can I order prints through howl & rose?
A: Yes! When I send your gallery link, you will have the option to purchase prints or other products in my store.

Q: Do you do boudoir, engagement, maternity or high school senior sessions?
A: Yes! Please contact me to set something up! (Boudoir samples available upon request.)

Q: Will you photograph my wedding?
A: I would love to discuss photographing your small, intimate wedding, elopement or court house nuptials (2-25 people max).