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Dariana // Makers & Artisans Series

The second installment in my Makers & Artisans Series features artist Dariana Cruz. When I first connected with Dariana, she told me about how she also does some channeling work, and after each session she includes custom artwork depicting each client's hands. This personalized series of hands is what she was working on when I visited her in her home studio a few weeks ago. Many of these channeling sessions are done over the phone, which makes this series all the more unique. Dariana may have never even met her clients in person before, much less laid eyes on their hands, so she draws and paints based on the connection she makes with her clients.

Dariana's artwork depicts whimsical, colorful scenes, often featuring animals and flowers, and sometimes pulls references from pop culture. Her main mediums are illustration and watercolors, and much of her work is then scanned to the computer where she collaborates with sites like minted, mpix and more. 

Here's Dariana at her home studio in Hawthorne, CA.


You can follow Dariana on Instagram and Facebook.