Howl & Rose Photography


Eaton Canyon Photo Hike


It's heartwarming to find like-minded people, especially in an industry that can be quite competitive. I recently embarked on an outdoor adventure with new photographer friends. Jamie, Jillian, Tara and I hiked into the hills of Pasadena's Eaton Canyon with our cameras in tow, learning from each other along the way. Some of us wanted to get in front of the camera more, so we could see how our own clients feel and learn how to help make them more comfortable in a sometimes uncomfortable situation. Some of us learned tricks on how to make our clients laugh more in front of the camera. We shared our knowledge and experiences and we all gained valuable insight. We don't have typical "co-workers" because of the profession we chose, so I believe the new camaraderie was just what we all needed. All of these women are incredibly talented at what they do and I can't wait to continue learning from them and collaborating with them!