Howl & Rose Photography


Catch The Sun // Wright Ranch, Malibu, CA

I had the honor of volunteering as a photographer for a great cause recently. Catch The Sun is an event started by Colby Devitt, which gives homeless children a chance to explore and have fun in nature, and end the day by watching the sun set, something which many of them have never experienced before. The day also included drumming, singing, dancing, drawing, poetry and more. The grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, and his wife, graciously donated The Wright Ranch in Malibu for Colby's event; the kids truly had a blast wandering the beautiful property, taking in the gorgeous views and playing in the lagoon. I have no doubt this day touched the lives of these kids who might not have ever had the chance to experience it otherwise. As is usually the case in taking part in these kinds of events, I felt overwhelmingly moved and inspired, and was reminded why I love to photograph children in all their wonder. It was a great event, for a great cause, and I hope to take part in the next one!