Howl & Rose Photography


Mom and Mimi // Hollywood, ca



My mom had a trip planned for a few months, to come hang out with me over my birthday (a big one this year!) and when she told me she had made reservations at a restaurant for another bday dinner, I did NOT expect to find 14 people waiting at our table. My sister surprised me and showed up from Chicago, as well as my aunt and uncle from Arizona, and a slew of other friends. It was a great night and I was definitely shocked to see them all. There was more bonding time than photo-taking time, so these shots are from our very last day, before they took off. I live in Hollywood now, so we walked to the Farmers Market down the street, ate some food, had a beer and did a little people-watching (always a good time in this town). Thanks to all my great friends and family, this is going to be the best year yet, I can feel it.