Meredith // Los Feliz, ca



Meredith is a great friend of mine. You'll notice she's been on this blog a number of times, here and here, and you'll probably be seeing more of her in the future. Part of this is because she is a great supporter of my photography endeavors, and part of it is also because she is so confident in front of the camera.. she really has fun with it. Wait. I take that back. WE really have fun with it. I mean, seriously, it's like instead of just us 2 gals going for a walk around my neighborhood, it's more like 3 gals, because my camera is having just as much fun. I don't want to get too sappy here, but part of the reason I want to move forward with all of this and part of the reason I love it more and more each day, is because of Meredith's support and confidence in me. So, in addition to having more to add to my portfolio, I also have my own personal cheerleader, rooting for team Jacky Noel. Thanks Mer! Love you!

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