The DeTolve Family

After years of apartment living in Los Angeles, the DeTolves are delighted to be in their new home just outside of the city. Nickie is especially excited to have friends and family over for gatherings. Just about 2 weeks after this shoot, the DeTolves were planning on having the interior walls painted, but that didn’t stop them from scheduling a family session in their cozy new home. I love that about them— they didn’t wait for the “perfect” time to put this session in the calendar, because life is always moving on. The perfect time is always now.

The Nicovich Family

“Write what’s real” my husband says from the other room, when I tell him I’ve been staring at a blank blog post for a half hour. Here’s my realness: FAMILY IS ART. This is my mantra. This is what keeps me going, it’s what pushes my creativity forward, it’s what inspires me. As humans, we tend to lean towards the things we love, and for me, that’s making art out of the life around us. The life you lead is art in itself, and I want to lean in close.

The Mock Family

I met Erica through Facebook, when we were both brand spankin’ new to this mama deal. We met in person a short time later and instantly became friends. There’s definitely this unspoken connection when mamas meet— we’ve been through the trenches, whether that’s in getting our kids into the world (HELLO, Aydan was born in this house) or simply getting through the chaotic, slow/fast, often messy days. Erica happens to also be the founder of a brand new prepared meal service designed specifically for pregnancy and postpartum, called Twenty-Five Eight. Her partner, Dan, designed and built their house (!!) and when I walked in, I don’t know if they noticed or not, but I audibly gasped at the infinite amount of natural sunlight streaming in, since, you know: gimme alllll the light.

That’s one power-house family, am I right or am I right?? I’m absurdly inspired by the fact that both of them are creating things that come straight from their passions and heart.

Let’s get this (light-fueled) party started…