Growing up, at every family gathering, my mother would pull out shoeboxes full of old photos that spanned the years, and we would all pour over them, laughing and reminiscing. That tradition was my first taste of what a photo can do to bridge the gap, create connection, and preserve moments. Each image told a story from the past that I could feel in my own two hands, and I knew I wanted to create more of it, for myself and for others. Over the years, I’ve clicked my camera’s shutter many times, and now even click it for my own little family— the beginnings of a new shoebox.

Family Sessions are at the root of Howl & Rose, and allow me to help highlight your authenticity and warmth— something I think we all need to be reminded of now and then. I am truly humbled each time I’m invited to click that shutter, and I look forward to creating art with you and for you. Thank you for being here. —Jacky


Why the name howl & rose?
represents the loud, chaotic aspects of life,
and ROSE represents the soft, delicate parts.
>> Life is loud and delicate and everything in between <<

Vikki Beening

These made me cry. I love them. We love them. Thank you so much, Jacky. Beautiful captures I know we'll forever cherish.

Sarah Anne Bargatze

Shooting with Jacky is so much fun, I never want our sessions to end! She's incredibly talented in so many ways, not only do her photos come out so beautifully but she has an amazing way of making even those who are shy in front of the camera feel so comfortable and free to be themselves. It's a treat to have a photo session with Jacky and I recommend Howl & Rose so highly!

We feel so very lucky to have been introduced to Jacky and have had the honor of having her photograph many of our family's milestones and special moments. She is totally incredible! Her photos capture the personality and vibe of our family perfectly and everyone is always totally at ease when she is behind the lens. It is such a gift to be able to relax and feel confident that the special moments at a family event will be captured beautifully and authentically. I cherish the sessions that we've had together so far and look forward to many more!

Chloe Beckerman

Jamie Deurmeier

I love Jacky’s work. Not only does she have a great artistic eye, but she is skilled at capturing the true essence of people and families. She captures the emotional connection so much so that I would say her images have a heart beat. When she showed up for our session she made everyone feel comfortable right from the get go and encouraged us to just be “us.” Then she became a “fly on the wall” capturing so many sweet moments of our little family. She was engaging, yet unobtrusive. And that made for beautiful photos that truly reflect our family as well as a great and memorable experience, both of which we will treasure!

Genevieve Becker

[Jacky] followed us around. Let us be a family. She had a beautiful documentarian approach to photographing us as a family. I think she sensed my reluctance and just let me enjoy the day with my child and husband and captured what was organic between us with minimal interference. Often, I whispered to my husband "Do you think she's getting anything at all?" because it was unlike any other photo shoot I've ever witnessed. It is hard to speak about the results without sounding like a narcissist, but let's just say it was hard to select just a few. 

Jacky gave me one of the best photo session experiences I've ever had and the results from it will live forever in a book I made. Because the photos were so beautiful they belonged in a beautifully produced and bound book.

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